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Here at UnPossible Cuts we make

sustainable & handmade, laser cut jewelry.

Inspiring smiles from coast to coast.  :)


Hello! We are two Bay Area artists Philip Eggleston and Domingo Daquioag, and we founded UnPossible Cuts in 2010. 

As veteran artists we have a unique backstory that involves founding our own gallery in 2008. With an extensive background in the art community, our focus on highlighting "up and coming" designers positioned us well to focus on “wearable” art with UnPossible Cuts

We are inspired by a unified creative vision focused on iconic imagery, semiotic communication, and cultural touchstones all while retaining a cheeky sense of humor with a wink and nod to those in the know. 

UnPossible Cuts uses only high quality sustainably sourced wood which is then laser cut to precise specifications, painted and assembled. 

Our Products are sourced ethically and packaging is biodegradable

Life can be hard and boring; we want you to have fun

Show your personality and express yourself with something small that packs a punch

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