What are the backings made from?
-The are made from surgical steel.  They are best for sensitive ears.  A very very small amount of people have a reaction to these.   

Are they Waterproof?
-They are sprayed with a clear coat to make them water resistant. They are mostly made from wood so we don't recommend showering or swimming with them on. 

What if I get my product and it's just not my thing?
-No worries.  Send them back and we will exchange it for something you do love or refund your money back.  What's most important to us, is that you are satisfied with our product.

What are they made from?
-Most of our earrings are made from Baltic Birch which is a sustainableSome are made from acrylic plastic.  All of them are made with love.  Except for the zombies.  I hate painting those.  

Do you gift wrap?
-All orders come in a box that can easily be used for gifting.  Trust me you don't want me to wrap your gift.  It will look more like your one year old cousin did it than a grown adult.  Also to cut down on environmental waste we put orders with multiple items in one box.  We do have extra gift boxes that we sell at cost.  

Where do we make our stuff?
-We made all our stuff in our studio in San Leandro, CA.  We design, cut, sand, paint, assemble, and ship from there.

Do you do custom work?
-We do custom work if you are looking to get multiple pieces of the same thing.  We can do merch for Bands, Business, or large group orders.  At this time we don't do one off's anymore.  

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